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Restaurant Bramgåsen

At Gedser Marina -Well-prepared and appetizing food with the most beautiful view, on the most southern part of Falster

The season is just getting started.

Come and try our delicious platter, or one of the dishes from the a la carte menu. We look forward to spoiling you!

 Remember that we offer a shuttle service. Can be ordered by calling/texting: 9399 3100 Price: DKK 50 per person each way.

Spring menu:

Lunch menu:

The Easter/spring platter is served for lunch on days open for lunch at Easter and in April.


  DKK. 289

       See opening hours on the bottom of the page.

DKK .185

Springplatter 2024

Garlic fried tiger prawns with herb dressing

Flash-fried tuna with sweet and sour marinade and toasted sesame

2nd serving

Skin-fried fish with pickled root vegetables and lime/herb sauce


small veal medallion with pickled beech hat and savie sauce

3. serving

Sea buckthorn creamdessert with pickled sea buckthorn, caramelized walnuts and whipped cream


Caesar salad with fried chicken breast, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, jam and cheese flakes, served with delicious Caesar dressing and bread/butter


Garlic fried tiger prawns with avocado and pickled radish.

Flash-fried tuna with sweet and sour marinade and toasted sesame

Main courses:

Skin-fried redfish/bream with pickled root vegetables and white sauce

Crown of lamb with sage cloud, pea puree and pickled beetroot julienne.

Veal medallion with pickled mushrooms, roasted root vegetables and sage gravy

Roastbeef with gravy and todays greens

Main courses are served with the potato of the day

vegetarian dish with halloumi and greens


Sea buckthorn creamdessert with caramelized walnuts and whipped cream

Ice cream dessert with fruit and crunch

Evening menu

Our menu is small but good. As the season gets under way and the opening hours are extended, the menu card will also be expanded and changed a little.

Garlic marinated tiger prawns                130,-

Flash-fried tuna                                          145,-

Redfish                                                          295,-

Lamb crown                                                 350,-

Veal tenderloin                                            365,-

roastbeef                                                      265,-

vegetarian dish                                           235,-

Icedessert                                                     115,-

Sea buckthorn fromage                            110,-

Great food on Gedser Marina!

About the restaurant

Our wish is that you as a guest should enjoy the wonderful atmosphere and nature in Gedser marina, as well as a tasty meal in our cozy restaurant. We will do our best to give you a good experience.

Seasonal vegetables and local produce are at the fore. In addition, the location invites a variety of fish dishes, all produced from scratch with respect for the food.

Our restaurant is dedicated to stimulating your senses with inviting and delicious food. We use local ingredients as much as possible to make our dishes. Our menu always includes different fish and delicious vegetables.

Lokal beer and wine with the food


For the meal, you can always choose a good beer from LF brew produced at Købmandsgården in Gedser, e.g. the oat stout "Bramgåsen", a blonde ale "Diget", or a good glass of Solaris from Østergård winery in Stokkemarke on Lolland. It is now possible to order a purely Danish wine menu, but of course we also offer good foreign wines, e.g. our house wine, which is a Primitivo that can be drunk by most people. We also have a small selection of slightly more expensive and exquisite wines.

For dessert and cheeses, we recommend our exciting fruit wines from local producers.

We have good coffee that is served in all versions with the ice cream or on its own. A good cognac or port wine with that and then the evening is complete!

Of course, we also have various drinks and cocktails on the menu.

Example of a Danish wine menu for 3 courses:

1 glass of rosè from Møn wine, dry, fruity

1 glass of Rondo, Møn wine

1 gl. Cryo ice wine from Østergård vin, Stokkemarke on Lolland

DKK 350

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Our opening hours reflect activity/season

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Bramgåsen is a symbol of the wild birdlife around Falster's southern tip, but also for our menu, which likes to include fresh local produce, game and fish. We offer dishes that reflect the season and the local supply of raw materials, with the new Nordic cuisine as a benchmark and standard. . So whether you are looking for an inspiring meal or just want to experience a good Scandinavian meal, our restaurant is the right place to go. Our menu changes according to the season, so that we can renew the menu with the seasonal food supply.

The wine list is also characterized by local products. We are proud to be able to present a very fine and tasty Solaris from Østergård wine in Stokkemarke and high quality liqueurs from Væggerløse. We also have a fresh rosé from Møn.

Our beer is exclusively from LF Bryg 300 meters away at Købmandsgården! On tap we have "Diget" which is a soft and round blonde ale and "Bramgåsen" which is a rich oat restout and helped give the restaurant its name! It doesn't get more local than that!

Welcome to Bramgåsen - we look forward to serving you!



Videos from the opening of Bramgåsen 2/4-2023:

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